Hi! My name is Sharmila, a self-taught makeup artist, public speaker and gender diversity educator. I gained my experience at beautiful make-up brands such as Inglot, Urban Decay, Chanel and NARS Cosmetics. my mission is to inspire people through makeup to go for their fullest self-expression and make them shine.

My passion for make-up comes from my transition. Make-up is my support and has given me the tools to show myself as a woman. For me, makeup should be something fun and something that accentuates your beauty.

I can be booked for commercial projects like film- and photoshoots. I have worked with i.e. Serendipity Vintage Dreamer, Take It Slow Store, FunX and Omroep Zwart. In addition, I work a lot with other female creatives to celebrate femininity by creating an image together.

Apart from working on commercial projects, I love to teach people how to do make-up and give them the experience of a lifetime. I also enjoy applying make-up on people for any occasion, from birthdays to job interviews, I am here to make you glow even more!

After 3 years, I launched The TRANSformation Masterclass, the first safe space in the Benelux for trans, non-binary and gender searching people to learn how to do make-up and get coaching on gender-expression. After having a ton of bad experiences myself, both as a client and as a make-up artist, I decided to create what I couldn’t find myself. 

That’s also why I decided to create my own brand: VAIN BEAUTY. These are products that I’ve created to help people take their make-up to the next level. VAIN BEAUTY is an all-vegan, cruelty free cosmetics line that is for all make-up lovers. Whether you love a natural beat or full cake face-glam: VAIN BEAUTY is here to revolutionise the cosmetics industry; and the revolution is just getting started.

Apart from working in the make-up industry, I also work as a public speaker and gender diversity educator. I specialise in transgender rights, breaking down gender norms and the experiences of trans people in current society. I am happy to speak at events, panels or in front of a class room. I also provide coaching for people who aren’t transgender, like companies, parents and teachers on how to support transgender, non-binary and gender searching people in their environment. This can be done through a course, or individual coaching sessions. I am also able to help trans people if they have any questions of trans people, for instance for employees who come from outside of The Netherlands to work here and want advice on how they can continue their medical transition.

On my personal Instagram I share my work as a makeup artist, but also more about my personal life and activism. I fight for a fair society where everyone gets a fair chance to make something of their life. In addition, by sharing my successes and my transition, I try to be an example for other transgender people.

Want to learn more? Follow me on Instagram or get in contact using my contact form!