Change is the end result of all true learning.

Leo Buscaglia

Apart from working in the make-up industry, I also work as a public speaker and gender diversity educator. I specialise in transgender rights, breaking down gender norms and the experiences of trans people in current society. I am happy to speak at events, panels or in front of a class room. Most of my lectures and speeches revolve around the representation of trans people and how it affects the life of trans people, what needs to change in order to create a better, safer environment and what I’ve experienced as a trans woman in the Netherlands.

I also provide coaching for people who aren’t transgender, like companies, parents and teachers on how to support transgender, non-binary and gender searching people in their environment. This can be done through a course, or individual coaching sessions. I am also able to help trans people if they have any questions of trans people, for instance for employees who come from outside of The Netherlands to work here and want advice on how they can continue their medical transition.

I would be happy to speak at your event, I would be happy to provide information for your class, I would be happy to give a workshop to your colleagues, I would love to talk to you and above all: I would like to work with you. Please refer to my following rates, which are calculated exclusive of VAT and travel costs.

Speaking at event – starting at €200

Lecture in front of a classroom – Starting at €150

Workshop€375 per 5 people

Individual coaching sessions – to be discussed

Would you be interested in working with me? Because my activities vary enormously, I would like to ask you to contact me via my contact form/contact details.